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Walls need love as well. Check these unique art pieces that stand out.


Greetings, I'm a computer digital artist known as Bill Waggoner. I like to show you my imaginations to put style with impact for your walls in the home and office. Realism to abstract & more that are printed on photo paper. Click on one of the galleries on the bottom page to open them up. The upper right has the "buy" button where you can choose other options. Or if you select a print, right side has the size and price, the + is add to cart,  next page "edit" to select more options. These prints are done by a well known professional lab which is print-on-demand. Other choices include metallic paper, UV coatings (a must have), frames & backboards.

My commercial lab also mails you out the products via Fed Ex or UPS and handles customer service as well confirmation emails. USA and Canada shipping only, my international website is at www.art4themasses.com All sales are final unless the print was damaged during shipping then contact me via your email confirmations. Not responsible of lost or stolen products. For quicker check out select as "guest" if you don't want to set up a free account. An account keeps your info if you buy often. You may use PayPal or credit cards. Monitors, tablets & smart phones will give off different colors, so the printed image will look a bit different.

I'm an American digital artist who enjoys mostly instrumental music and like to read certain excellent story driven books. Follow me on Facebook for up to date news of my current works & more.


12" x 18"* Print $30/$35, Lustre Coating $3.80, Double Weight Backboard $11, Foam Core Board $22. Frames $90.

20" x 20"* Print $42/$50, Lustre Coating $4.50, Double Weight Backboard $20, Foam Core Board $30. Frames $135.

30" x 20"* Print $58/70, Lustre Coating $5, Double Weight Backboard $25, Foam Core Board $38. Frames $145.

30" x 30"* Print $75, Lustre Coating $8, Double Weight Backboard $27,Foam Core Board $60, Styrene Mount $70.00

40" x 30"* Print $95, Lustre Coating $8, Double Weight Backboard $35, Foam Core Board $85, Styrene Mount $90.


All Prices will vary time to time.

*The watermarks will not be printed, for online only.

Metallic paper or frames are not available for the 30x30 or 40x30 prints.

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